Sunday, August 30, 2015

Succulent Garden and Art by Amy Vangsgard Featured on Hancock Park Historical Society Garden Tour

Succulent Garden by Amy Vangsgard

Featured in the 9th annual Los Angeles Garden tour and Party presented by the Windsor Square Hancock Park Historical Society. Proceeds will support the greening of local schools.

The home of artist Amy Vangsgard  was built in 1922 and remodeled in 2007. Amy has lived here since 1985 and every detail of the house and succulent garden were designed by her. She graduated from Art Center College of Design and taught at Otis Art and Design School. She is currently a painter, photographer and sculpture.  Her garden is laid out in a traditional Mediterranean style with a fountain that creates a focal point for the center of the garden. The pathways and circles are made from original Simon bricks from her chimney that fell down in the Northridge earth quake.

Amy is fascinated by succulents as they have a sculptural quality and their foliage has hues that span the entire spectrum of colors. She uses succulents as paints and the garden as her canvas. The red bricks, terracotta pots and red rocks serve as the under painting. The succulents are juxtaposed against each other to maximize the intensity of their colors and textures. Patterns are created to keep your eye moving around the composition.  Throughout the year different succulents bloom, creating a performance of dancing blooms. Inspired by her succulents, Amy has created a series of Digital Art that will be displayed in the garden. Website:

Garden Photos

Succulent Digital Art

 View in Store

Succulent On Blue
Aeonium "Cyclops"

Backlit Afterglow SucculentOne

Sunburst Succulent
Aeonium "sunburst"

Succulent Pond
Echeveria, sedum, sempervivum

 View in Store

Paddle Plant
Kalenchoe luciae

Rainbow Succulent Garden
Aloe arborenscens

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